Transparency International publishes latest ‘Global Corruption Perception ranks’


Transparency International recently published the latest Global Corruption Perception ranks of the countries. The survey was conducted in around one-sixty-eight counties, and the organisation had included all of them in the list. The ranks were given in assenting order from top corrupted to least corrupted. The organisation verified several aspects to properly analyse the accurate corruption status. According to reports, each focus area carries different points and the score were reportedly published after thorough cross-checking. Somalia, North Korea, Afghanistan, and Sudan are identified as the highly corrupted nations by the organisation. Surprisingly, India scored around thirty-six points to grab 76th position in the index. Unfortunately, it added two ranks when compared to the former rankings. The study reveals that the corruption will generate safe bed to human trafficking, terrorism and child labour. The corrupted countries are showing high illiteracy rate and child mortality rate, study report added.  The officers of the corrupted country often exploit the poor people and loot their resources, claims study. Meanwhile, Netherland, Sweden, New Zealand, Finland, and Denmark are identified as the least corrupted countries. But, in contrary to their ‘in-home perfect’ behaviour, these countries are reportedly practicing corruption in the foreign countries. A report says that Sweden had allegedly given bribe to some Uzbekistan officials to secure a big deal. However, corruption is the most severe social disease of the modern era. Most of the corrupted officials are reportedly unaware about the actual impact of the crime. The dirty phenomenon is spoiling around one trillion dollars every year across the world. The social infection is shattering the economies of the various nation.


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