Trump pardons Bannon

United States President Donald Trump, who is set to leave the office in few hours, has pardoned Steve Bannon, who was a prominent election strategist and advisor to Mr. Trump.

He was facing a serious fraud charge. He was accused of misusing a fund rising campaign organised to erect a wall between the United States and Mexico.

Along with Mr. Bannon, more than 140 people has received the benefit of clemency in the last hours of the Trump-led regime.

Those who have received the benefit include Lil Wayne, who is a famous rapper, and Kwame Kilpatrick, who is a former Detroit Mayor.

Joe Biden, who defeated Mr. Trump in the Presidential Election, is set to take charge as the President in few hours.

It is said that there is no surprise Donald Trump has awarded the benefit of clemency to his former close aide.

The clemency means Mr. Bannon cannot be prosecuted in the case in the future. Mr. Bannon, who denied wrongdoing, was supposed to stand for trial.

The US is a very powerful country. The country is at present going through a tough political situation.

Many have expressed their discomfort in the actions the Trump regime has taken its last hours. Most of them have expressed their disagreement loudly.

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