Trump proposes US database to ‘track Muslims’: later “backed away”

 Donald John Trump, most possible US President candidate of the Republican Party, drew wide flak over his Muslim database statement. On Thursday, in an exclusive interview to the NBC and Yahoo news; Trump said to be revealed that he would appreciate a data base of Muslims in US, and claimed it would help for tracking Muslims. Followed by that, on Friday, the leader had backed away from the argument after receiving some strong criticism. While publishing his new tweet, the leader has totally shielded his mistake; by saying, he had never delivered that quote. Later on that day, several US media houses reached the leader asking the difference of the US-Muslim-registry and the Nazi-Jew-registry; but, he had successfully evaded all queries.  Trumps rough suggestions include an identity card for all Muslims, which indicate the card bearer’s religion. Former Florida governor was the first one who reached with a strong criticism; he mentioned that the statement seems repugnant, and further ridicules the idea of registering people. While elucidating the importance of the religious freedom, Senator John McCain reminds American public that around 3,500 Muslim solders are working in the US army. Sharing a similar statement, Senator Lindsey O Graham asserts that Xenophobia won’t be a proper solution to fight the Islamic State-terror. Meanwhile, the Conservatives unsurprisingly backed the Trump’s argument; along with Katrina Pierson, Trumps spokes women. By saying, media twisted the words; both still stick on to the same view. Posting a belated response through tweeter; Democrat’s top runner, Hillary Clinton, expressed her abhorrence and shock. However, the preponderance of the leaders has shared the anti-refugee stand of US. Earlier, Senator Tend Cruz had introduced an ant-refugee bill in US state; and opined that the state should not encourage refugees. As the leaders are still in Xenophobia, it seems the refugees would be the next big talk of the city. However, the small talk show had unexpectedly raised speculations about the ability of the future leader.


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