US angry with Italy’s discriminatory digital tax structure

The United States of America has expressed the discriminatory digital tax structure erected against the world’s most powerful country by the European countries of Italy and Turkey and the Asian country of India.

The US has not yet declared how it will react to the discriminatory action taken against the country by the said countries.

The US is a very powerful country. It literally controls the entire finance structure of the world, especially the structure which is dependent on the capitalist structure.

The development indicates that the US may impose retaliatory tariff against those countries which has erected a discriminatory digital tax structure against the country.

The discrimination has been revealed by an investigation which has been carried out by the United States of America.

The US recently launched a series of investigations against those countries which erected a discriminatory digital tax tariff against the US.

An investigation into the discriminatory digital tariff by the French government is pending at this moment.

The US is likely to launch some serious actions against those countries which have erected a discriminatory digital tax tariff against the country.

The action is likely to be taken before the step down of United States President Donald Trump.  

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