US announces harsher measures against countries fail to pull back citizens

The North American country of the United States of America has announced some harsher measures against those countries who have failed to respond to the call for the repatriation of their citizens by the US government.

It has threatened the violating countries with visa sanctions and similar stiffer measures.

The US, it seems, is very keen about removing everyone, which they consider as a potential threat to the healthy life of their citizens, away from the country.

The new announcement made by the US may affect many countries – especially those countries which are closely connected and heavily depended on the world’s most powerful country.

Already, many countries are said to have approached the White House with the request seeking the reconsideration of the new policy.

It is less likely that the US reconsiders this policy at this stage. The US is at present in a crucial juncture. The coronavirus outbreak has badly damaged the country. It is at this moment one of the worst affected countries in the world.

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