US approves emergency use of Pfizer

The North American country of the United States of America has approved the emergency use of Pfizer, a vaccine developed to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pfizer is a two-dose vaccine. It is said to be a very effective vaccine. The vaccine is expected to bring down the spread of the disease outbreak.

So far, as many as 2,92,000 people has lost their lives in the US because of the Covid-19 outbreak. It has affected more than 15.8 million directly and numerous others indirectly.

It is high time to initiate an effective vaccine program to eliminate the threat posed by the virus outbreak.

Another North American country, Canada, has already approved a vaccination program.

The United Kingdom is the first country to roll out a vaccination program.

Many countries such as Bahrain have already approved the emergency use of the vaccine.

The world is at present in a very difficult juncture. The vaccine has generated a new hope in the world.

Pfizer is the most effective vaccine available in the world at this juncture to fight the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak.

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