US drugs regulator declines to back Trump’s claim on Covid-19 vaccine

United States Food and Drug Administration, the US drugs regulator, has expressed doubt on President Donald Trump’s prediction that a Covid-19 vaccine will be ready before the end of this year.

Recently, Mr. Trump boasted that the country would bring out a vaccine for Covid-19 before the end of this year.

What the head of the US Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Stephen Hahn has done now is that he has strongly detached his department from the prediction.

He has pointed out that the vaccine development would be based upon the data and science.

A vaccine would train people’s immune systems to fight the virus, so they do not become sick.

The statement has been made by the doctor when he has been asked by media personals about the prediction made by the head of the state.

This is not the first time the medical expert community and the political leadership of the country has given contradictory remark on the matter of Covid-19.

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