US: Lawmakers’ inability lead to expiry of jobless benefit

The inability of the senators to reach an agreement on jobless benefit has led to the expiry of the program.

As the senators have failed to reach an agreement of the policy, the policy has expired all of sudden.

The senate was supposed to pass the policy on Friday. The bill received the approval of the House of Representatives – which is dominated by Democrats.

The Senate controlled by Republicans have appealed for a change in the policy. Democrats have strongly opposed the suggestion made by Republicans.

The difference in the opinion has led to the expiry of the policy.

Republicans want the Senate to dilute the policy. They have recommended for the reduction of the amount assured by the policy. They consider the weakly benefit of $600 per person is very high.

Meanwhile, Democrats have a different opinion in this matter. They do not want to see any dilution in the existing policy.

At present, the unemployment rate in the US is at its peak. The economy of the US has plummeted largely due to the present Covid-19 outbreak.

The unemployment benefit policy is a part of the measures introduced by the US government to help the citizens of the country to recover from the injuries created by the crisis.

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