US’ Middle East partner closes doors towards foreign tourists

The Middle East country of Saudi Arabia, where two main holy destinations Mecca and Medina are situated, has closed down their doors towards foreign tourists, as they feel the move necessary to bring down the potential of coronavirus to spread in the country to zero.

The aforesaid pilgrimage destinations attract lakhs and lakhs of foreign tourists each year.

Mecca is the birth place of Prophet Muhammad. And, Medina is where the Prophet is buried.

The restriction imposed by the Saudi Arabia government is likely to disturb foreign pilgrims who aspire to conduct a spiritual journey to the holy destinations situated in the country.

Notably, the government, though has called the ban temporally, has said nothing much about when they will revoke the ban they have introduced to keep the country less vulnerable to the virus outbreak originated in China.

The virus outbreak has badly affected the global tourism. Tourism is a very powerful economy. The damage that has happened to the sector is likely to make expression in the form of a weakened global economy.

At present, the global economy is not in a promising state. What adds to the crisis is the outbreak which has claimed several lives across the world.

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