US turns ‘extreme protectionist’

With a decision to suspend the approval of green cards, the North American country of the United States of America has become a country with an extreme protectionist attitude.

United States President Donald Trump has inked an order to suspend the approval of some green cards.

It is a temporary arrangement as of now. The order is expected to remain for at least 60 days. And, it may be extended post that period.

The US President has presented the order as an attempt to save the jobs of Americans. He has tried to convince his countrymen that the policy is necessary to reduce the impact of the aftereffects of the coronavirus on the workers of the country.

The policy has already faced severe criticism. It has been mocked as an election gimmick by some even.

Immigration is a serious matter for the conservative President. Curbing immigration is one of the election promises of the Republican President.

Many see the latest policy as an attempt to push the President’s immigration agenda on the pretext of helping the workers of the country.

A study needs to be conducted whether the President’s latest policy can help the workers of the country or not.

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