Weinstein catches coronavirus

Disgraced media tycoon Harvey Weinstein, who was placed in Wende Correction Facility, has been found infected with the deadly coronavirus – which has left the world in the pit of fear.

He came to spotlight after several women, including celebrities, had come out courageously to expose their molester inspired by a social media campaign, MeToo – intended to make workplace safer.

Most of them triggered serious sexual harassment allegation against the media giant.

He was recently handed a severe punishment of 23 years imprisonment.

The correction facility in which the Hollywood producer was living recently made headlines after some prisoners in the facility had been tested positive for the virus.

A senior correction facility officer has expressed his worry over the safety of those officials who work in the correction facility – and, who, as per his opinion, are less equipped to defend themselves from the outbreak.

It is high time to put in a new prison policy good enough to address the situation rightly.

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