Will US pave way for the rise of China

Will the North American state of the United States of America pave way for the rise of the Asian country of China is the big question at this moment.

What that gives voice to this question is the endorsement US President Donald Trump has given to the policy of protectionism.

China is very keen to utilise the opportunity. It has brought in several measures capable to take maximum advantage of the opportunity. The most significant among them is the Belt and Road Initiative.

The strong attack the US has recently made against China is viewed through this prism. Though some see this as a election rhetoric of the sitting president, in reality there is a different angle to that.

The more the US turns protectionist, the more China benefits.

Recently, Europe has indicated that they are not in the same platform as that of the US in the matter of China. It has expressed its willingness to work closely with the Asian country in many areas.

The US as the apostle of liberalism has to relook its protectionist attitude. A country like the US which has many responsibilities should not walk towards this direction.

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