World’s Newest Nation mocks at human rights

In a shocking report released by the United Nations, it claims that South Sudan soldiers practiced some of the most inhuman personal rights violations while fighting their rival faction in the terrible civil war. According to the UN report, nearly thousand three hundred women were brutally raped by the country’s soldiers. And, civilians were mercilessly slaughtered during military raids in the war affected region, report added. Unbelievably, the investigative dosser says that the captured civilian women were often gifted to the government soldiers as their wages. Shockingly, UN report added that the soldiers were allowed to do what they want and plunder what they need. Meanwhile, the South Sudan government ridiculed the allegation and vowed to probe the alleged human rights violations in the country. Interestingly, the UN’s investigative report asserts that some militant groups are fighting alongside with the country’s government. But, Sudan denied that report and clarified that the government had need welcomed any support from the militants.  It is learned that the current civil war is actually the reflection of the political rivalry between country’s supremo and his former deputy, both from two opposite ethnic groups. Earlier, in 2013, President Kiir sacked his deputy Riek Machar due to some communicational mistakes. And, later, Machar organised a rebel group to fight the ruling government. As the two leaders enjoys the support of two different ethnic groups- the Nuer and the Dinka- it turned into an ethnic war. Even though both factions had inked a peace treaty, it has not yet perfectly materialised due to some internal issues. Anyhow, it is learned that on the wake of this report the UN may impose strict sanction on the poorest African nation. According to the information, this African nation is one of the worst developed countries in Africa.


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