A clandestine interview helped to nab Mexican-drug-king: revel cops


A secret interview between a US based writer and the Drug King helped to nab the infamous drug-mafia chief Guzman, report international medias. The interview was reportedly held in a Mexican forest region, where the drug mafia has an upper-hand over the government authorities. Reports say that the interviewer was a famous writer named Sean Penn. Last day, the police authorities admit that the secret interview between two had provided an important lead to the criminal. Recently, the drug king had successfully escaped from the country’s most-secure jail and was absconding from the authorities till the police found the hide out. A US based website recently posted the interview article and exhibited a photograph of the interview. Sean had organized the interview for the Rolling Stone, which is a prominent rock magazine in the United States. He claims that the drug king had given him a warm welcome, and provided him enough information about the drug mafia and his business. The writer admits that a Mexican actor helped him to meet the infamous criminal in his hide-out. The article reads as Guzman as saying; he mostly supplies heroin, cocaine, and marijuana; and he is the biggest supplier of these illegal drugs in the World; and he have lot of airplanes, trucks, submarines, and boats. It is not yet clear that whether the quotes can be considered as the indirect confession of the world’s most-wanted criminal. However, it seems that the authorities may detain the author and the actor in connection with the case.


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