Biden: Only the ‘Lord Almighty’ Could Make Me Quit

In a rare primetime interview with ABC News, President Joe Biden stated that only the “Lord Almighty” could convince him to end his re-election bid. Speaking to George Stephanopoulos, Biden declined to take a public cognitive test, asserting that his daily activities serve as constant evaluations of his mental fitness. At 81, Biden dismissed the notion that he should step aside for a younger candidate following a challenging debate with Donald Trump. He attributed his poor debate performance to exhaustion and a cold.

Throughout the interview, Biden emphasized his qualifications and determination to win the election, despite calls from some Democratic donors and officials for him to withdraw. He sought to reassure his party, noting that pollsters see the race as a “toss-up.” Biden also addressed the concerns about his age and health, pointing to his accomplishments, such as job creation and student debt relief, as evidence of his capability.

At a subsequent rally in Wisconsin, Biden acknowledged the debate’s impact but reaffirmed his commitment to running and winning. He dismissed calls to pass the torch, highlighting his achievements and questioning whether he was too old to defeat Trump. The rally aimed to galvanize support in a crucial battleground state, as Biden’s campaign plans an aggressive comeback with increased support from Jill Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris.

Despite growing pressure from within the Democratic Party, Biden’s campaign remains resolute. Senior team members are aware of the internal discussions about his candidacy, and Biden plans to address these concerns at upcoming events. Some Democratic representatives and major donors have publicly expressed their desire for Biden to step down, but no senior Democrats have officially called for his withdrawal. Biden remains focused on his re-election bid, emphasizing his record and determination to defeat Trump.

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