Minnesota Man Charged in the Torture and Murder of Los Angeles Model Maleesa Mooney

In a chilling case that has gripped the nation, 41-year-old Magnus Daniel Humphrey, a convicted felon from Minnesota, has been arrested and charged in connection with the murder of Los Angeles-based model Maleesa Mooney. Mooney was found dead on September 12 last year, beaten and bound inside a refrigerator in her apartment, with the cause of death listed as “homicidal violence.” The discovery came after Mooney was last seen on video surveillance at her apartment on September 6, sparking widespread concern and an eventual investigation into her untimely demise.

Humphrey was apprehended at his home in Hopkins, Minnesota, on an unrelated federal warrant, with the Los Angeles Police Department stating that he has been identified as the suspect responsible for Mooney’s murder. Despite being on federal probation for a narcotics offense, Humphrey now faces murder charges filed by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, including a special allegation of murder during the commission of torture. The details of the relationship between Mooney and Humphrey, if any, remain unclear as the case progresses.

The autopsy of Maleesa Mooney revealed blunt force trauma and the presence of drugs and alcohol in her system, though the medical examiner noted the injuries were not considered acutely life-threatening on their own. The report suggests Mooney was likely involved in a violent physical altercation prior to her death, leaving many questions unanswered about the circumstances leading to her tragic end. Humphrey has waived extradition and will be transported back to Los Angeles to face the charges, as the investigation continues to unravel the details of this horrific crime.

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