US offers to mediate between India and China

The North American country of United States has offered to help India and China resolve the border crisis – which began around four week ago following the aggression of China.

It seems that the US is very keen to resolve the standoff between India and China along the Line of Control region.

These two Asian powers – which value their sovereignty than any other elements – are less likely to accept the support of the World’s Most Powerful Country in terms of its military might as well as its economic strength.

The US is a close friend of India. At present, the country is not in a very good relation with the Asian power of China. The US is still of the belief that it is the irresponsible handling of the virus outbreak by China that has brought the world to a depressing state.

At this moment, it remains unclear there is any politics motives behind the move made by the United States.

Anyway, shortly before the US has spoken out its mind, China softened its position in the issue and opened out its doors for negotiation with India.

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