BBC Broadcasting banned by China for violating reporting guidelines

In a clear counterstroke move, China has restricted BBC World News from broadcasting in the country for genuinely violating its rules for reporting, China’s TV and radio controller has announced.

The move comes seven days after Ofcom, the British media controller, renounced the permit of Chinese state-claimed telecaster China Global Television Network’s (CGTN) to communicate in the UK. China has censured the BBC for its writing about the dangerous Covid pandemic and the abuse of ethnic minority Uighurs in the fretful Xinjiang territory and held up a dissent with the British broadcaster.

The BBC said it was “frustrated” by China’s choice to boycott it. The Chinese controller, the National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) has made the declaration on Thursday night on pulling BBC World News behind closed doors in the country for genuine substance violation.

As per the reports BBC World News was found to have truly disregarded guidelines on radio and TV the executives and on abroad satellite TV slot the board in its China-related reports. The BBC inclusion conflicted with the prerequisites that news detailing should be “valid and unprejudiced, and sabotaged China’s public advantages and ethnic fortitude,” it said.

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