Biden makes a conversation with Putin

United States President Joe Biden has made a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The details of the conversation have not yet been released.

Mr. Biden has discussed the matter of election meddling during the conversation with Russian President Putin.

He has also talked about the ongoing protest in Russia.

Russia shares a troublesome relation with the US. During the previous US regime led by Donald Trump, the world’s most powerful country in terms of economy and military capacity moved close to Russia.

Mr. Biden shares a different political view from that of Mr. Trump.

It is yet to be seen how the new political development in the US will affect the relation between the US government, which is the leader of the western world, and the Russian government, which stands a safe distance away from the European Union led by Germany and France.

Mr. Biden has not specified on what will be his plan for Russia. While speaking about the conversation, he has claimed that the talk has been purely business in nature.

Russia is a very powerful country. Traditionally, it shares an unfriendly relation with the US though it is also a liberal economy like that of the US, as it is the successor of the USSR.  

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