Brad Pitt Countersued Over Alleged Misappropriation of Funds from Château Miraval

The legal battle between Hollywood exes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has taken a new turn as Brad faces a €20 million countersuit over his control of Château Miraval, the French vineyard they co-own. According to reports from People, the company Tenute del Mondo, to which Angelina sold her share of the winery, alleges that Brad diverted funds for personal expenses and other business ventures instead of paying dividends and loan repayments. The documents claim Brad used Château Miraval’s assets as a “personal piggy bank” and failed to repay €20 million in loans made by Angelina.

The countersuit accuses Brad of using Château Miraval’s funds for personal projects, including over $1 million on a swimming pool only he uses, and diverting assets for zero or below market compensation to his other businesses. Moreover, the company alleges Brad obstructed Angelina’s attempt to transfer full control of the winery to new shareholders. While Brad’s legal team has not yet responded to these claims, a source familiar with the situation has dismissed them as “absurd,” emphasizing Brad’s instrumental role in the winery’s success through his connections.

The feud originates from Brad’s 2022 lawsuit against Angelina, challenging her 2021 sale of her stake in Château Miraval to Tenute and its parent company. Brad alleges the sale violates their agreement, which required mutual approval for any sale. Angelina, however, asserts she attempted to sell her stake to Brad but refused to sign an extensive NDA, describing it as a standard business practice. The legal battle intensifies between the former couple, who married in 2014 and filed for divorce just two years later, sharing six children.

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