Delta variant gripped, West Virginia in Anxious

Corona virus cases reach record levels in West Virginia. Schools in the state are closed. Hospitals are reported to be filled by delta-type patients. Just seven months ago, the state was a model in the country in terms of vaccination. By the end of June, Jim Justice, the state governor and Republican representative, had removed the need for a statewide mask.

But West Virginia are now far behind in defending Covid. It is now like any other state with a large population without large vaccinations. According to federal data, less than 48 percent of the population of West Virginia aged 18 and over has been fully immunized.

President Biden announced Thursday that he would include vaccine mandates for about 80 million U.S. workers, and announced a comprehensive plan that would include vaccine requirements. Federally approved vaccines reduce the risk of death from the Delta variant. This is confirmed by three studies released Friday by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Governor Justice has been more outspoken about vaccination than many other Republican governors. “West Virginia, we can prevent this,” Justice told a news conference Friday. “Vaccines are safe. Vaccines do not attack anyone. Although Justice regularly requests his members to get a shot, he said the vaccine mandates are something he does not fully trust.

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