Doctor allegedly used Drano to poison her spouse, according to video evidence

Three recordings, according to a man from Irvine, California, show that his wife has been poisoning him with Drano since at least July. The videos date back to July 11, 18, and 25.

The husband’s attorney, Steven Hittelman, stated that the wife “holds up the bottle, she pours it in, she puts the top back on and puts it back under the sink as though nothing else was happening in her day.”

Authorities and Hittelman claim that screenshots from the footage of the couple’s kitchen are included in court records.Yue Yu, a 45-year-old dermatologist, is accused of poisoning her 10-year-old husband and was apprehended last Thursday.

The Irvine Police Department reported that Yu’s husband, Dr. Jack Chen, had been ill over the course of a month and had grown suspicious that his wife, whom he thought was poisoning him, was to blame for the illness.He first developed strange symptoms in March and April, according to Hittelman. “When he went in to be examined, the doctor discovered that he had experienced physical repercussions. He subsequently began to make connections.”

Chen was identified as having gastritis, esophagitis, and stomach ulcers in addition to the chemical taste in his mouth.According to his attorney, he later installed cameras in the family’s kitchen and made the finding. In order to protect his wife, who also goes by the name Emily, Chen requested a restraining order.

She was let out of custody.He claimed in the petition that their two children had been the victims of ongoing verbal, physical, and emotional abuse.Chen stated in her plea for a restraining order that “if our children let Emily know that they enjoyed spending time with me, or expressed affection toward me, then Emily would lock them in their room and yell at them until they guaranteed her they would not exhibit affection toward me.”Chen has divorce papers in hand.

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