Dr. Hafeez Rahman bestowed with 15th Manappuram Multibillionaire Business Achiever Award

During a gala evening of celebration and acknowledgment, Dr. Hafeez Rahman, Chairman of Sunrise Hospitals, was honored with the distinguished 15th Manappuram Multibillionaire Business Achiever (MBA) Award at Kochi’s Le Meridien Hotel. The event, held on June 9th, marked Dr. Hafeez Rahman’s induction into the esteemed Federal International Chamber Forum (FICF), comprising some of the globe’s most affluent entrepreneurs. V P Nandakumar, MD&CEO of Manappuram Finance, had the honor of presenting the award. Gokulam Gopalan, Managing Director of Gokulam Group of Companies, and Ajit Ravi, Founder, MBA Award, FICF Club and Chairman of Pegasus were present on the occasion. 

A globally renowned laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Hafeez Rahman embarked on his illustrious career in 1992. His visionary leadership led to the establishment of the Sunrise Group of Hospitals in 2005, a testament to his commitment to healthcare excellence. With branches spanning across the UAE and India, Sunrise Hospitals has emerged as a beacon of medical innovation and compassionate care.

Beyond his remarkable achievements in the medical field, Dr. Rahman is celebrated for his philanthropic endeavors. Sunrise Hospital, under his stewardship, has initiated numerous community outreach programs and fostering healthy lifestyles among diverse demographics. Dr. Hafeez’s dedication to societal betterment aligns seamlessly with the ethos of the Federal International Chamber Forum.

Dr. Hafeez’s induction into the Federal International Chamber Forum solidifies his status as a luminary in the global business landscape. As a member of this exclusive guild, comprised of individuals with assets exceeding 1000 crores (Indian Rupees), Dr. Hafeez joins the ranks of industry titans committed to leveraging their expertise for the greater good. The FICF serves as a platform for collaboration, innovation, and advocacy, championing causes that transcend mere financial success.

Dr. Rahman joins a prestigious cohort of previous MBA Award recipients, including luminaries such as Shri V P Nandakumar, Shri Joy Alukkas, M A Yusuf Ali, Shri T S Kalyanaraman, Shri P. N. C. Menon, Mr Gokulam Gopalan, Dr Ravi Pillai, Mr M P Ramachandran, Kochouseph Chittilappilly, Sabu M Jacob, Dr Viju Jacob, Dr A V Anoop, Dr Varghese Kurian, and Adv Dr P Krishnadas. Each member of this illustrious group embodies the spirit of entrepreneurialism and social responsibility, leaving an indelible mark on both the business world and society at large.

The 15th Manappuram Multibillionaire Business Achiever (MBA) Award ceremony underscores Dr. Hafeez Rahman’s steadfast commitment to excellence and service. As he joins the esteemed ranks of the Federal International Chamber Forum, Dr. Rahman’s influence on healthcare, business, and humanitarian efforts remains a beacon of inspiration for future generations.

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