For Years, Flight Attendants were discovered renting an illegal apartment in an East Boston garage.

Employees of an airline were discovered renting an illegal flat in East Boston. During their layovers, 12 persons, all flight attendants, were residing in the property on Geneva Street, according to Boston Inspectional Services.

“From what I hear, they’ve been functioning there for around 10 years, so they’ve been operating under the radar for a long time,” said Boston Inspectional Services’ Flavio Daveiga. “They’re merely using it as a refreshment stop before carrying on with their vacations or commuting back to their home base.” The structure was once a garage that had been turned into an apartment. Investigators discovered multiple infractions inside after receiving a report on Tuesday, including unauthorized construction, missing smoke detectors, and hazardous items.

The people who stayed there are said to have paid $300 each month. According to Inspectional Services, the call to report the difficulties inside came from a renter living in the flat. Everyone staying at the property has been asked to leave since it has been considered unfit. Before anyone can move back in, the landlord will have to seek permits with the city to make the room livable.

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