Girlfriend donates kidney to save boyfriend’s life; After seven months he dumped her

A 17-year-old woman has complained that her boyfriend abandoned her after she gave him a kidney. Colleen Le, 30, came to the scene with the complaint. Colleen Le, a native of the United States in Tiktok clarified about his current condition.

Colleen Le talks about last Wednesday’s incident, with the caption, “Everything happens for a reason.” Her boyfriend had chronic kidney disease. Kidneys functioned less than five percent. She was sad to see her boyfriend struggling to live with kidney disease. Then her boyfriend needed a kidney transplant. Examination revealed that her kidney would join her lover. She did not want to see her boyfriend die. That is why he donated his kidneys. Seven months after the operation, her boyfriend started avoiding her.

Phone calls and WhatsApp have all been blocked. Many praised Colleen Le for saving her boyfriend’s life. Some commented that the young man did not deserve you.

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