Mayim Bialik Steps Down as Host of “Jeopardy!” Syndicated Version

Mayim Bialik, known for her roles in “The Big Bang Theory,” announced via social media on Friday that she will no longer be hosting the syndicated version of “Jeopardy!” The 48-year-old star did not provide specific details surrounding her departure but expressed gratitude for the opportunity and her Emmy nomination for outstanding game show host. Bialik’s exit marks a significant development following her appointment in July 2022 as a permanent host alongside Ken Jennings, the record-holding contestant on the show.

Bialik and Jennings had taken over hosting duties on the iconic quiz show following the passing of long-time host Alex Trebek in 2020. However, “Jeopardy!” faced a series of changes and controversies, notably in August 2021, when then-executive producer Mike Richards was named as a permanent host alongside Bialik, only to step down shortly afterward due to past inappropriate comments that surfaced online. In May, Bialik also chose to abstain from hosting the final week of season 39 in support of the Hollywood writers’ strike. CBS News has reached out to Sony Pictures Television, the show’s producer, for comment on Bialik’s departure, but no response has been received yet.

The departure of Mayim Bialik raises questions about the future of the hosting role on “Jeopardy!” after a series of transitions and controversies in recent years. Fans and industry observers await further developments as the search for the next host of the revered quiz show continues. Bialik’s exit marks another chapter in the ongoing evolution of “Jeopardy!” following the loss of its beloved host Alex Trebek and subsequent shifts in the show’s hosting lineup.

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