Oxford Woman Convicted of Murder Following Disturbing Evidence

In a harrowing case that has gripped the Oxford community, 26-year-old Scarlet Blake was found guilty of murdering 30-year-old Jorge Martin Carreno, whose body was discovered in the River Cherwell in July 2021. The conviction came after jurors at Oxford Crown Court were presented with unsettling evidence that linked Blake to the gruesome crime, including indications that Carreno had been drowned following head trauma and strangulation.

The investigation into Blake’s involvement was intensified by her prior actions, notably a chilling incident four months before the murder where she live-streamed the killing and dissection of a family cat. This act, which she admitted to during the trial, was seen as an attempt to shift blame onto her former partner. Prosecutors highlighted Blake’s “extreme interest in death and harm,” drawing parallels between her fascination with the Netflix documentary “Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer” and her actions. The documentary, which details the escalation of violence from animal abuse to murder, eerily mirrored the nature of Blake’s livestream, including the background music of New Order’s “True Faith.”

The court was also shown videos of Blake and her partner engaging in consensual strangulation, further cementing the prosecution’s argument of her “disturbing interest in harming living creatures.” This evidence painted a grim picture of Blake’s potential for violence, ultimately leading to her conviction. The verdict has not only brought closure to the victim’s family but also raised awareness about the dangers posed by individuals with harmful online influences, leaving a lasting impact on the Oxford community.

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