Promo Out: Manappuram DQUE Mrs India Global 2022

The Mrs Glam World 2022, organized by Pegasus and presented by Manappuram DQUE was won by  Zambian beauty Brandina Lubuli along with Dashbaljid Munkhzul from Mongolia as first runner-up and Kripa Dharmaraj from India as second runner-up. The event was marked by the presence of Pegasus Chairman Dr. Ajit Ravi and some eminent personalities including Bibin, MD, Zaya The Infinity Elegance. The Mrs Glam World contest winners were crowned by Manappuram Finance Ltd MD and CEO V P Nandakumar.

The beauty contest was conducted on August 27th at Gokulam Convention Centre in Kochi wherein 14 contestants participated from all around the world. Parakkat Jewelers designed a gold crown to be given to the Mrs Glam World winners. The first runner-up and second runner-up each earned gift prizes of Rs 60,000 and Rs 40,000, while the Mrs Glam World 2022 title winner received a DQUE gift reward of Rs 1,00,000.

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Video courtesy: UT TV CHANNEL

Picture Courtesy: Pegasus Photography/images are subject to copyright