Severe Rainstorms and Flooding Devastate Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey, Leaving 14 Dead

In a relentless onslaught of severe rainstorms, Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey have been plunged into chaos, resulting in a devastating loss of life and infrastructure. Over the past two days, Greece has borne the brunt of this natural catastrophe, with more than 800 people rescued and three lives tragically lost. Swift water rescue specialists, divers, and even the army are scrambling to reach remote areas, as streets turn into raging torrents, sweeping cars into the sea and washing away roads. This disaster follows closely on the heels of catastrophic wildfires that ravaged vast stretches of land, leaving more than 20 people dead.

Central Greece, particularly the towns of Karditsa, is grappling with the worst of the flooding, forcing residents to seek refuge on the roofs of their homes as water levels rise perilously high. Some areas have seen floodwaters surging to over 6 feet, impeding the evacuation process. Debris-laden waters and fierce currents have thwarted boat rescue efforts, while frequent lightning has grounded helicopters. Government officials report that certain regions received more than twice the annual rainfall of Athens in just 12 hours, exacerbating the crisis.

In neighboring countries, the havoc continues as Bulgaria grapples with flooding on its southern Black Sea coast, leading to four deaths. Turkey, too, mourns the loss of lives, with flash floods near the border with Bulgaria claiming at least five lives, while two people perished in Istanbul. This recent wave of extreme weather events serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of climate change, with warmer oceans fueling more potent and unpredictable storms. As the United Nations calls for accelerated action to combat climate change, the world grapples with the urgent need to address these environmental challenges and mitigate their devastating impacts.

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