Tragic Plane Crash Claims Lives of Malawi’s Vice President and Others

Malawi is reeling from the devastating loss of its Vice President, Dr. Saulos Chilima, and nine others, including his wife, in a tragic plane crash. The aircraft, a small military plane, crashed in the Chikangawa mountain range after departing from the capital, Lilongwe, en route to Mzuzu airport. The crash occurred amidst poor visibility conditions, with the pilot advised to return to Lilongwe before the flight disappeared from radar. President Lazarus Chakwera declared a national day of mourning as the nation grapples with the loss of prominent figures, including Chilima, who was seen as a potential contender for the upcoming presidential election.

Chilima, aged 51, had been a prominent figure in Malawian politics, though somewhat controversial due to past graft allegations. Despite facing charges, which were later dropped by the national prosecutor, he remained a significant figure in the political landscape. The crash has sent shockwaves across the nation, prompting an extensive search and rescue operation, with assistance from various countries including the United States. As investigations into the cause of the crash continue, Malawi mourns the loss of key figures, leaving a void in both political and personal realms.

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