Trump’s decision to release corrupted Democrats irks Republicans

The decision of United States President Donald Trump to release a corrupted Democrat, Rod Blagojevich, who was jailed in connection with a corruption case as he tried to sell the seat vacated by former US President Barak Obama, has turned Republicans from the state of Illinois, where the corrupted Democrat was a governor, against the president.

They have strongly criticised the US president for his decision. They have even demanded the cancellation of the decision. They have named Mr. Blagojevich as a face of corruption in the state of Illinois.

Some suspect politics in the decision. They believe that the US president’s decision to commute the sentence given to the tainted Democrat is a part of politics.

A republican leader said Mr. Blagojevich was the most corrupted political worker in the state. He added that he had not even expressed remorse.

A political analyst says that Trump’s decision may benefit the Republicans in the upcoming Presidential Election in the country.

Though tainted, Mr. Blagojevich is still an influential person in his state. He is capable to overturn the verdict of the state in favour of Republicans.

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