Unique Times Manappuram Women’s Excellence Awards Celebrate Outstanding Achievements

The Le Meridien Convention Center in Kochi recently played host to the prestigious Unique Times Women’s Excellence Awards, an evening of celebration presented by Manappuram Finance Ltd. Held on May 13, the event honored a remarkable group of women who have demonstrated excellence across various professional domains, leaving a significant impact on industry standards and community development alike. The awards were conferred by distinguished personalities, including Jiji Mammen, Executive Director and CEO of Sa-Dhan; Jebitha Ajit, Managing Director of Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd; and Dr. Thomas Varghese, Head of the Cancer Department at St Joseph Hospital.

Nazneen Jehangir was celebrated with the Excellence in Tech Entrepreneurship and Mentorship Award for her influential role in technology and mentorship. Sherly Regimon was recognized for Excellence in Couturier of Culture, celebrating her impact on fashion and cultural expression. Devika Shreyams Kumar received accolades for her strategic vision in Integrated Media Operations, marking her as a leader in media management.

Additional honorees included Parveen Hafeez, who received an award for her pioneering contributions to Healthcare Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Bissy Boss was recognized for Excellence in Sustainable Travel Innovations, while Dr. Lekshmi Nair was honored for Excellence in Multifaceted Career Achievement, and Dr. Radha P Thevannoor for Excellence in Educational Leadership. Preethi Parakkat earned accolades for her innovative work in jewelry design, receiving the Excellence in Artisanal Mastery and Innovation Award. Deepthi Vijayakumar was celebrated with the Excellence in Digital Integration in OOH Advertising. Elizabeth Chacko was recognized for her pioneering work in the beauty industry, receiving the Excellence in Innovative Beauty and Wellness Services. Additional accolades went to Girija Sethunath, honored for her Excellence in Literary and Cinematic Leadership.

Unique Times Chief Editor Ajit Ravi Pegasus emphasized the significance of the ceremony as a catalyst for encouraging women across diverse sectors to aspire to and reach leadership positions, thus inspiring a new generation of women to pursue and achieve excellence. These awards not only celebrate the individual accomplishments of each of these trailblazing women but also highlight their collective impact on reshaping the landscape of their respective industries.

Pic Courtesy: Pegasus Photography